Abused DOGS — Dog Owners Are Imprisoned!!!🐕😢

Did you know that treating your dogs wrong could lead you to being banned from owning any dogs in the future?

– A couple in North Somerset were investigated due to suspicions of animal neglect.
– The couple were proven guilty of such allegations when their property was checked.
– Two dogs were seen in their property, both in horrifying conditions.

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There is a couple in North Somerset who has been identified to have have been banned from owning any dog in the next ten years. They are Ronald Andrews and Lyndsay Rich.

When police entered the property owned by Andrews and Rich, they were shocked and sad to discover two dogs who were obviously neglected.

Some of the evidences were the physical conditions of the canines under their care. Like the bad ingrown nails, the scabs and the sores on their skin, the extensive hair loss, and the flea infestation.

Those conditions were enough to ban the two from owning any dog in the next ten years and they were almost imprisoned too, had they tried to deny the allegations of animal cruelty filed against them.

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