🐶 Can This Dog Owner Win Over This Lawsuit For His Dog?

How far are tenants’ rights when it comes to leasing a residential space.

– A tenant wants to rent out space in an apartment building.
– However, the apartment building’s owner is hindering him from renting, because he owns a huge dog.
– The tenant now wants to file for a lawsuit to demand the owner to allow them to occupy the said unit.

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A tenant claims that he has been rejected by an apartment building from renting out a residential space, and the only reason that was given was because of that of the huge dog that the tenant owns.

So apparently, the landlord does not want in his apartment any pet as huge as the one that the tenant has. The led for the tenant to refer to the apartment building as “swanky”.

The tenant is, unfortunately, a disabled man who has has been aided by the dog for many years now. The apartment building owner defended their side and said that the policy in the building only allows small dogs.

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