This Dog Named Happy Is Not So Happy! Do You Know Why?

This adorable dog’s name is happy, but the little thing certainly does not look very happy. She lies on the table and refuses to play with anyone. No matter how much you try to coax her or give her treats, she continues to look unhappy. Maybe she misses something and her eyes look like she is waiting for someone. What is that or who is the one she is waiting for?

Well, Happy has a husband and his name is Sarang. He is the store mascot but there’s a problem in their loving haven. Sarang seems to ignore Happy these days and fool around with other female dogs. This has affected Happy who now feels extremely unhappy. You can see that when Sarang walks into the room, Happy gets up but seeing him with other dogs, she gives up again. According to the store owner, this has been the case for more than a year now.

They used to be a loving couple but suddenly Sarang lost interest in Happy and she became depressed. To fix the situation, the store owner created a special cage for the two and made them spend time together alone. After a few days, Sarang was cuddling with Happy again. The plan worked and the two became closer like before. We wish they stay happy like this forever!

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