You’re NOT A Dog Lover Unless You Know These Facts!

Every pet parent knows that their cute little furballs are their universe, to the point that their coined several words in honor of them.


– Common animal words and terminologies are just becoming too dull and boring for some pet lovers.
– Pet parents are brilliant and there are ingenious words that they coined to spice things up.
– Here are 12 animal words that animal lovers would surely be thrilled to learn and use.


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If you love pets, you could testify that their cuteness is sometimes too overpowering, and it can also affect how you talk to them. If there is such a thing as “baby talk”, then there is also what we call “animal talk”.

There are many common English words that refer to our beloved pet animals and anything that is related to them. However, there are new terminologies emerging, and they basically refer to the same thing, but with a twist.

These words are usually created by animal lovers themselves.


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There are 12 animal slang words listed in Michele Debczak’s article –


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