Do You Think Your Dog Is Vegetarian – Surprising Test Result!

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Is there anything more embarrassing than having your dog prove you wrong on national television?

-Lucy Carrington claimed her dog was a vegetarian.
-She and her pet were invited as a guest on a show to show off this remarkable claim.
-She started to feed her husky Storm meat-free meals in the summer when she noticed that the dog was going off on her usual diet.

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Lucy thought she was doing the right thing. When she saw that her dog, Storm, had started to go off on her food, she decided to change her diet.

When she started feeding her dog cooked vegetables, the dog seemed to take a liking to it and perked up. So naturally, Lucy thought her dog wanted to only eat vegetables.

But her claim was immediately proven wrong when she and Storm went on national TV and the dog was allowed to choose between a bowl of veggies and one of meat. Storm went straight for the bowl of meat.

A vet on the show advised Lucy that dogs are omnivores and should be fed a diet of both meat and veggies. Lucy was gracious enough to accept his professional advice.

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See the funny video and the details of the story here:

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