Dog Houses: Large To Small Dog Houses & Igloos


Having a dog is great, but as a dog owner you may need your own space. This is where a dog house comes in. It’s like a little apartment where your dog can get to be awesome in. There are so many different types of dog houses in the market today. Their diversity is based on size, material of fabrication and purpose. Some dog owners require indoor dog houses while some may require the conventional outdoor dog houses. Whatever your preference is, there’s something for everyone. From Chihuahua sized dog houses to those meant for the Great Dane and even igloos, we’ll be highlighting some out of this list.


Little barn house


Little Barn


This is a perfect indoor and patio dog house. It is small and very resourceful for smaller breeds of dogs. It has adequate ventilation and there is ease of movement for smaller breeds. This barn home is under $65 and your little furry friends will love sleeping in it. Just place a comfortable bed in there and your dog will be cozies up.

Log house

This outdoor dog house is for a larger breed of dog. The wood makes it really warm at night and cool enough during the day. It gives your dog that privacy and at the same time it can be stationed to enable your dog keep watch over your property. 


Log House


Trixie dog house




Your dog can rest in style with this particular dog house. Its design is modern and its build is sturdy. It is weatherproof and can fit your large dog into this house. Often times a dog house needs to represent the main building and this particular house does justice.

Refined igloo




This indoor refined igloo is a perfect napping spot for your average sized dog. Its design is eccentric and it has a very durable build, guaranteed to last for months, if not years. This igloo comes with its own cushion and guarantees the relaxation of your favorite four legged pet. 


Igloo dog house

This dog house keeps pets really sheltered. It is sturdy, spacious and very secure. Its foam keeps the house insulated, making it cold in the summer and warm in the winter. It has an adjustable top ventilation as well, just to increase air flow. It can be placed on the patio or yard. This igloo dog house can accommodate small to large sized dogs.


Igloo dog house


With the following types and sizes of dog houses, your dog can live in comfort, security and in style.


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