😮 How Did This 🐶 Dog Help Mother Nature ❓

The Narrow River Preservation Association (NRPA) has great and big plans to clean the water in the rivers of Narragansett.

– The towns of South Kingstown and Narragansett are currently training canines to help clean the rivers.
– These canines are trained to sniff our human sources of bacteria.
– Examples of these are contaminated septic and sewer systems.

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Dogs are known to have an extremely good sense of smell. Exactly why they are hired in the police force to help detect drugs and other illegal substances like bombs and fire guns. In case of fire and other tragedy, dogs are also trained to help search and rescue missing people with their heightened smell.

Dogs can follow the scent of an individual, given very limited time and resources.hopes to clean-up river.

In this unique project by the NRPA, canines are also useful with their excellent sense of smell. They are trained to detect unwanted scent in the river waters, which may indicate bacterial contamination.

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