Does This Dog HATE Its Owner? Find Out Why It Killed Her!

We sometimes love to play with our pet dogs, and dogs just love to play through biting.


– A 58-year-old woman accidentally got nipped by her dog.
– A simple nip turned into a severe infection.
– The infection turned into the cause of death of the dog owner.


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A new puppy was just having a playful time with its owner, when an unfortunate event took place – the little puppy accidentally nipped its owner. The owner, an elderly woman aged 58 years old named Sharon Larson.

Larson, from South of Milwaukee, recently adopted the little puppy. The said puppy nipped her new owner, and the cut eventually turned into a severe infection, which eventually caused the the death of the elder woman.

The first thing that the woman experienced, according to sources, was a flu-like symptom. She was immediately taken to the hospital by her husband.

In a matter of just two days, the woman was said to succumb to severe infection from the nip, and died in while admitted in the hospital.


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