4 Months To Live, And What She Did? Completed A Bucket List

What if your vet informed you that your dog has only a few weeks to live? What would you feel? It is such a painful thought.

Couple Symon and Theresa’s dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer and her x-ray revealed a tumor on the right shoulder.

She was only predicted to live within 4 weeks to 4 months. Loving owners made a bucket list. Did Coco complete it?

What is Coco’s bucket list?

During his last weeks, Coco the dog with terminal cancer completed her bucket list.

She went to the beach, savored the taste of McDonald’s Big Mac, rode a helicopter, went to a pub to eat steak, rode in a fire truck, and many more.

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Sorrowfully, she died in May 5, 2015. Her mission in completing the bucket list was posted in Facebook.

Mr Spencer said: “If I’m honest I don’t know how I would have coped if it wasn’t for all these people that have left comments. It’s been amazing.

“Initially I only set up her Facebook page for me to document everything for my own organisation and so I had something to look back on.

“When I saw she had more than 300 friends I couldn’t believe it, I never thought her story would spread so far, I’ve had a lot of support.”

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