Oliver – The Poor Yet Brave Dog That Survived Hanging

Why has the touching video on next page over 773,053 views Let me warn you that the video below is not for the faint hearts.

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You need to muster up a good amount of courage yourself to be able to watch something like that. This incident took place in Tanzania where a dog was cruelly hanged to near death.

It almost cut his windpipe and created such a deep wound that blood kept coming out of it. The wound area was filled with ticks and fleas.

When the rescuer tried to help the dog, he was so scared that he tried to bite him. However, the kind-hearted man did not give up and he tried again and finally succeeded.

Oliver was immediately taken to the vet for medication and surgery. There was a deep wound so it took hours to perform surgery but the rescue team was determined to save Oliver’s life.

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