When you come across a dog that is clean, well trimmed and very comely to look at, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Grooming right? Well, it most likely is. Apart from those who have learned to groom their dogs at home and do to them or give them all the things that they feel their pet should have, there are people who take this professionally and have mastered the art of grooming dogs to perfection. There are many things included in dog grooming as a lot goes into making a dog look and feel good. So let’s talk about them.

All Round Check
This is more like the quarterly or monthly medical checkup you do only it is a health check for your dog. It consists of checking if there are any bruises or swellings on his body or checking to see if his ears are clean or if his eyes are clear or if his nails and pads are free from infections. You can say they are a bit thorough so as to nip whatever might arise in the bud before it escalates.

The grooming includes bath and cleaning. So your pet is going to be bathed in a shampoo that is friendly for him so as to remove any dirt available. His eyes and ears are also going to be cleaned to take off any mucus that may have formed. The hairs in his ears will also be trimmed where necessary to avoid dirt sticking to them and creating interference.

Styling and Hair Removal
Most often than not, your pet is going to have ingrown hairs that probably obstruct his vision or his bodily hairs may be overgrown. This is where the groomer comes in. Your dog will be dried after given a bath. And thereafter he will be trimmed. This gives the groomer the opportunity to style your dog. Depending on the breed of your dog, his hair will be cut or trimmed in a particular way to suit him. Then his hairs will be brushed to remove those falling off. His nails will also be trimmed to avoid situations where he may hurt himself with them or to avoid him scratching on your floors.
All these are the constituents of dog grooming. They might seem quite basic but the question is would you have the time to do this every day or even once in two days? There are a lot of reasons why grooming is advised.

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• A dog is prone to a lot of diseases like thrush and other skin problems. Daily grooming will help you discover these in time to treat them. It’s kind of like taking care of yourself too. If you were to neglect your body, it would sustain things that can create a lot of discomforts.
• Well, a lot of people want their dogs looking very pretty and clean. This is why you need to groom them.
• When you do it yourself, it creates a bond between you and your dog while reducing his chances of infestation.
You would notice that a day with the dog groomers is kind of like a day at the spa. So why not treat your dog to such?


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