This Dog Groomer Is Every Dog Owner’s FANTASY! WHY?

If you live in Fairbanks, then lucky you! Because you get easier access to this dog groomer than other dog owners who live in another city or state.

– There’s a dog groomer in Fairbanks who’s gaining popularity with her expertise in making dogs look awesome!
– Every customer that comes into the store, walks out satisfied.
– The name you should remember by heart is Jessica Jones.

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If you have friends who have tried the services in this establishment, Bianca Jones, then you must’ve heard nothing but good words about their services.

Tagged as “A dog’s best friend”, Bianca Jones is starting to become a household name for every dog owner because of the excellent feedbacks they consistently receive from every single customer that they serve.

The groomer herself, Bianca Jones, has had years of work experience in the industry before finally deciding to open her own business.

Read her success story in Dorothy Chomicz’s article here –

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