Dog Gets A Party For Becoming The Official Librarian

This is Harriet who works at the Brooklyn Art Library with her Dad. Ever since she was a little puppy, she has been great at her job. People visiting the library are full of smiles when they see the furry assistant help them in getting books. I believe some come here just to meet Harriet. The library assistant job initially belonged to Cam but after she passed away, her Dad wanted someone who would be able to fill that vacant in the library.


This beautiful Retriever came along like the perfect substitute. She is such an adorable dog. In her free time, Harriet is like any other dog enjoying her playtime, enjoying outdoors with her Dad, playing with other dog friends, etc. However, when it’s time for work, she is always on duty with an alert mind and a cheerful face. Her Dad decides to give her a promotional party to congratulate her for doing her so job so well.

Harriet gets to celebrate with dog cupcakes, treats, and her best friends. It’s wonderful to see all the dogs have a great time. We wish Harriet continues to be a great librarian and spreads more smiles every day!

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