This Dog Gesture Might Help You Understand Your Pet!

When dogs meet us, what’s the one thing that they have in common? That’s right, a wagging tail!


– Everyone who has been greeted by a dog would agree that every dog’s tail wag.
– A lot of people, including you, might have asked the question: WHY?
– An expert shares his opinion as to the most plausible reason for such dog gesture.


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You may have googled it once or twice, or you might have asked your friends on their opinion, but we have all observed this one remarkable truth about dogs: they just love to wag their tails whenever they greet their human friends!

An expert on the subject finally gives us an answer. According to Jules Howard, tail wagging is actually a sure sign that the dog is being friendly and wants to play with the human in front of him/her.

You may have known that answer, but this clear fact is a good way to distinguish dogs that may want to attack you from dogs that only mean well.


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