Dog Food Brands: Grain Free, Organic, Natural Dog Food

Dog food

As a dog owner, one of the things that may give you anxiety is choosing the right meal for your dog. There are so many choices available. From Kibble, to grain free, natural to organic with all their diverse flavors. Each choice is significantly different from the last and you’ll need ample research about the brands that make each type just so you know if it’s the best pick for your dog. You may need to read reviews and customer satisfaction ratings and above all, consult your vet before you feed your dog just anything.

Some of these dog food contain too much calcium which may cause hip dyslexia in your growing puppy. Hence, you should be well aware. Luckily, we’re giving you the top dog food producing brands with respect to Grain free, Organic and natural dog foods. 


Grain free dog food brands 


Blue Buffalo: 

This brand is tested and trusted with diverse forms of dog food. From dry to wet, organic and grain free, they are widely known. This particular Grain free dog food is high in protein, low in carbs and most importantly, grain free. Here is their wilderness grain free dog food.

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This brand has garnered so much reviews and validation for its different types of dog food. This particular one is their grain free recipe for dry dog food. The ingredients include sweet potatoes, carrots, deboned beef and a lot more. It constitutes of 70% of protein while the remaining 30% is on fruits and vegetables. This particular type has 9 different flavors.

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Organic dog food brands 


Castor & Pollux: 

This brand is a popular name in the dog food industry. This particular organic dog food is USDA certified and possesses all the required nutrients in good proportions for your adult dog. No chemicals were used in production, that’s what makes it organic.

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Natural Planet: 

This brand is synonymous with a variety of organic dog food. However, it is only recommended for pets with no history of digestive issues. It provides a fine blend of Turkey dinner with organic meat and is also USDA certified.

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Natural Dog Food brands


Wellness Core: 

This piece wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of this dog food brand. Wellness core makes a whole lot of dog food that isn’t only good for your dog but contains the less preservatives. This particular option is natural and grain-free.

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Rachel Ray: 

One character about this brand is that it offers a cheaper option for a good quality dog food. Its natural options are really enjoyed by dogs and also helps their digestion. This is one of the brand’s natural dog food options.

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These are most of the top dog food producing brands, get to know which type of dog food your dog loves more and seek these brands to make purchase.


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