Why Dog Follows This Little Girl Everywhere?

At times, we develop inexplicable bonds with something or someone and the story below is an example of that. When the little girl returns from school, there is one particular stray dog that follows her everywhere. He will wait for her outside the school and look for her if she is hiding. She has several times tried to shoo away the dog and stop him from following her but nothing works.

The dog even followed the girl to her home. When the Mom arrives and sees dirty paws, he quickly tells her daughter to leave the dog outside. Although it’s sad to see the poor puppy left outside, we can understand the mother’s concern. No one knows who’s the dog he is. The girl asks people around the neighborhood to see if someone knows the owner of the dog. The little girl’s mother finally agrees and allows her to keep the dog until the owner is found.

The girl’s mother says it looks like the dog already knows her daughter and has a connection with her that cannot be expressed in words. We are so grateful that the lovely mom let the dog stay with the family. It’s like a dream come true for the dog. He now has a family and gets to live with his favorite girl.

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