Korean Dog Finally Reunited With His Owner

We have written about the first part of the story about this dog roaming around his burnt house looking for his owner. According to people, his owner sustained second-degree injuries due to fire breakout. He is undergoing treatment in the hospital. The dog is also injured and refuses to eat. Finally, the rescuers thought of reuniting the dog with his owner. For days, the dog was kept in the vet clinic. His owner’s voice was played to make him eat food.

The day has come when the dog will visit the hospital to meet his owner. They have not met for months and the owner is nervous and equally excited to meet him. When they finally meet, that moment is magical. The dog breaks free and runs into his owner’s arms. The man holds his dog tightly and cries. He tells the dog how much he has missed him.

When their story was published online, many people came forward to help the man and his dog. As his house is burnt, the rescuers use the money to build a house for the man. There’s also a special dog house for the loving pooch that won the entire nation’s heart with his unconditional love.

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