Dog 🐶 Euthanized Because He Is “Yucky”?

Dog Rescued Pict: youtube/Sidewalk Specials

Do you think it is fair to kill a dog just because he is “yucky?” You must watch the video on next page. In a vet clinic, a dirty dog was brought.

According to the owners, they wanted to put down their dog Nik Nak. The veterinarian was curious about why they wanted to put their dog down, and so they asked.

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They were surprised with their reason. They wanted to euthanize their dog because it was too yucky. In fact, they believe that the world will be a better place without this dog.

That’s why the vet asked the owners to leave because they will take care of him.

Dog Rescued Pict: youtube/Sidewalk Specials
Dog Rescued Pict: youtube/Sidewalk Specials

The vet took Nik Nak to his first bath after a long time. The first reason why he was considered too yucky was that the owners didn’t care for him that much.

Did Nik Nak have a better life to live?

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