Dog EATS Another Dog??? WHAT? Seriously!?

Dog and cats are generally easy to care for. They are not high-maintenance pets, and need only BASIC care to survive.

– You won’t what the inside of this house looks like!
– The police admitted that this is by far the worst house they’ve seen in all their life.
– The poor animals inside the house lived in torture for months.

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What happens when an individual decides to take in not just one pet, but TEN, and she doesn’t even know how to care for her own self!

It may sound like the most unusual and unlikely thing to happen, but that is exactly what Paula Davidson did inside her home! She took in eight cats and a couple of dogs, but she did not make any effort to maintain her house and make it at the very least liveable for her and her pets!

The police inspected the house, and were shock to see that five animals were already dead and the rest were already scavenging the corpses, and also eating their own manure, as no food was given to the poor animals for MONTHS!

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Read Joseph Smith’s shocking report here –

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