My Dog Ate A Sneak Will It Poison him?

Many times, a dog becomes tits owner’s best protector.


– A golden retriever in Arizona was found to get caught in a fight with a rattlesnake.
-Todd, the golden retriever, is now known as a “hero” in his local community.
– Todd was said to be protecting his owner from the rattlesnake.


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Our dogs are our best friends. As much as we would do anything to care for them, they would do anything for us too!

These cute and furry creatures are more than just what meets the eye. They are not just pleasing to the eye, but they are also so much fun to play with, plus they are excellent protectors – for both kids and adults!

A very good example of this is the golden retriever that got caught up in a fight with a rattlesnake, all because it was stopping the snake from biting his owner.


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