This Dog Tried To Cross A Busy Bridge Full Of Cars!

The Department of Transportation was able to accidentally capture a video of a dog in distress, trying to cross a busy bridge full of fast cars passing by.

– The video was posted and shared in several social media sites.
– Many people who viewed the video were concerned about the dog.
– In the video, the dog looked so vulnerable in the middle of a bury bridge with fast cars passing by.

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Along the 520 bridge, a helpless dog can be seen trying its best to survive and to avoid getting hit by speeding cars that are busy going through the bridge. The drivers were probably unable to notice the dog, having a limited view and considering the dog was standing shorter than the view angle of the drivers.

The entire scenario was captured in a surveillance camera installed by the Department of Transportation in the area. The video made rounds on the internet, and many netizens were wondering if the dog was able to survive the dilemma.

Well, fortunately, HE DID! In fact, the lucky dog is not reunited with his owners, a family who was out on vacation when he accidentally went out of the house and got lost to the highway that day.

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