🐶 What Is A DOG COURTHOUSE Advocate???

Dogs are common in almost every house, but there are unique dogs that don’t just stay in any house – they stay in COURTHOUSES!

– Canines are making a huge difference by being courthouse advocates in Jackson courthouse.
– These friendly pets are working closely with victims, to give them a helping hand (or paws?).
– The first canine advocate is Abe, a three years old Yellow Labrador.

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Prosecution Attorney Jerry Jarzynka is the proud owner of the first canine advocate in the Jackson courthouse. His Yellow Labrador, Abe, is a three years old canine, who is trained to give comfort and support to the victims.

Abe is expected to help kids get comfortable, especially when they are about to testify in court. If needed, he is allowed to stand in the courtroom stand together with the victim.

This work is called being a canine advocate, and more and more dogs are getting into the role. After finding out that this is indeed a huge help to the victims, the courthouses are considering into making their role essential in every courthouse.

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