Dog Chases Seagulls While On Ship… SEE What Happen?

A dog was chasing seagulls when it ran into a serious accident that needed rescuing.

– A Golden Labrador, Bertie, always liked chasing seagull whenever they are riding a pier.
– His owner, Rob Gale, brought him to Ryde Pier once and the dog did what it liked to do.
– This time, however, it “fell” into a serious accident.

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While Rob Gale and his companion, a golden labrador named Bertie, were on their way to Ryde Pier, Gale noticed how his dog acted like it normally does – chasing seagulls all around the pier.

While Gale was busy doing his own thing during the ride, he did not notice his dog until it was near the end of Ryde Pier. When Gale looked around, he could no longer see where Bertie was.

When Gale looked at the rear end of the ferry, he discovered that his beloved dog accidentally fell, most probably while chasing those seagulls.

Gale immediately went to whistle the dog and instruct it to go on board, but it needed rescuing, so the people around them create a long human chain to reach out for him.

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