Dog-Cat Keep A Secret From Their Mom Finally Out Of The Bag

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When Elmo, the cat came home, he did not connect with Emma initially and almost hid for an entire month.

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Their mom was scared and she began to wonder if they will ever get along together. But then something magical happened one day and they just developed trust.

They started hanging out secretly together under the table, beside the couch or outside. When mom came home, they would just disperse as if they did not want mom to know their little secret.

However, after some months they just gave in and accepted that they are great friends.

They are now 24/7 with each other, playing, cuddling and snuggling. Their mom wanted to do something special for them and she created an entire bedroom for Emma and Elmo’s toys and other stuff.

Elmo comes from an abusive background which is the reason why he was unable to open up at first.

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