😍 Dog Brings “Peace” To This Community – Find Out How!

A Lutheran Church in downtown Orlando has become the town’s official and literal home of “PEACE”, because it houses the newest member of the town, Peace.

– Peace is a trained Golden Retriever that is sent to the live in Trinity Lutheran Church.
– Rightfully-named, Peace is stationed at the local area to help with the peace and order of the community.
– The program is called “paws on the ground”, which distributes trained canines all over the nation to help prevent crimes and maintain peace in local areas.

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The program, “paws on the ground”, was initiated due to the many recent mass tragedies in different cities.

A Golden Retriever named PEACE is assigned in downtown Orlando, specifically the Trinity Lutheran Church. Peace is a trained canine member of the program, a gift from the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry.

There are around 20 other dogs similar to Peace, and they are stationed in various cities and local towns nationwide.

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Read Maria Garza’s full article here – http://www.orlandosentinel.com.

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