You know those movie scenes where the pretty girl is out walking her dog and then boom! The hot guy approaches, asks her out on a date, they exchange numbers and meet up for drinks. Yeah, you may say that it’s only a movie but a good number of people found their soul mates when they were out and about with their dogs. Why? Being seen with a dog creates the impression that you’re capable of loving someone other than yourself and makes you more approachable to the opposite or same sex, depending on your orientation.


However, walking with certain dog breeds creates a stronger impression than others would. And we’re here to give you a rundown on dog breeds that are sure to make you luckier in love.






Who wouldn’t approach you when you’re walking with the Queen’s favorite dog breed. The answer, not many. This breed is a conversation starter on its own and corgis are known for a lot of things including loyalty. Hence its owners are not only seen as loyal people but equally friendly and reserved. We didn’t make this up, this is based on an actual survey conducted by Kennel’s Club. Your corgi may just lead you to true love, be open.


Golden retrievers




Golden retrievers are undeniably cute and that’s a fact. They are really playful and very devoted to their owners. Their charm and good looks make them eye candy and stirs looks from strangers. They know how to lure your potential mates and keep them interested. They are also really friendly to strangers so you don’t have to worry about a possible attack.


German shepherd


German Shepherd

It’s hard to look away from an intelligent and command obeying dog, and that’s exactly what a German shepherd is. This is a strong, fearless and loyal dog and it rubs off this impression on its owner. A well trained German shepherd will leave anyone in awe, and guess who’s going to receive all the accolades? You. Have fun with all the attention you’ll be getting.


Springer spaniel


Cavalier king Charles spaniel


This dog breed is known for its incredible playfulness and clingy nature. It is a really sweet breed and it uses this to its advantage. With that lustrous mane, puppy eyes and its soft barks, the boys will be eating out of your palms, literally. \






Save the best for the last’ and boy did we. The beagle is just and amazing dog and it’s possible it relates with cupid directly, because 58% of beagle owners say they’ve been asked out on dates and even found love when they were with their dogs. Beagles are always in such good moods and this is great when approached by a stranger because no one wants a hostile dog situation when trying to get your number.


As a dog owner, these five dog breeds will sure get you the attention you deserve.


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