The One Dog Breed That Can Melt EVERY Person’s HEART!

Did you know that each breed of dog has a different preference of daily doggie activity?

– Labrador is a dog breed that loves to do walks, almost anytime and anywhere!
– There is a national organization for labrador owners in the United States, the LRCP Lab Nation.
– The LRCP Lab Nation hosts a fun walk activity for all labrador owners and their pet labradors.

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The 2018 Lab Walk will be this June 2nd and a lot of Labrador owners are excited to join the festivities. Labrador is a well-disciplined breed of dog, and they love to do walks at any given time and at any given place.

During Lab Walk 2018, the labrador dogs will be given the perfect opportunity to do some walking together with their owners (a.k.a fur parents). The event will be held in Quiet Parks, Annapolis, Maryland.

Aside from the fun walk, there will also be a lot of activities such as fund-raising activities to help rescue and rehabilitate dogs who are in danger.

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