Which Dog Breed Bite the Most? You Won’t Believe the Answer

What comes in your mind when dogs bite? Most probably, you would think of the big ones like Rottweiler, German shepherd and many more.

Then, you imagine their wild and strong facial expression. By just thinking about them, you may be scared knowing that they can bite and hurt you to the fullest.

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However, do you know that they may look scary, but they are not the real biters?

You may be surprised that the real dog biters are not that huge at all. They are the lovable and energetic Weiner Dogs! It is surprising right?

Curt Swarm brings his own dog to a Weiner Dog Race and it shows that this little dog can be feisty. It is so competitive. That’s why the next time you see little Weiner dog, you know what to do.

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How energetic this dog is?

The little Weiner is so competitive that it gets along well with others. They are extremely possessive too.

They are the winner when it comes to a series of snarls, snaps, and bites. Indeed, they are small but terrible. Do you have Weiner dogs at home? Have you seen how good they are in biting?

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