Dog Born Without Hind Legs Loves To Go Hiking

If you think the problems in your life are too big, you must watch the dog in the video and draw inspiration from him. Ferris was born without any hind legs but despite this deformity, he loves to go hiking in the mountains. His energy is unbeatable! According to his mom, he loves to take the lead while climbing on the rocks. He is so fast that it is hard to keep up with him.

When his mom found him, he looked like the saddest puppy in the world. A family had dropped him at the shelter saying that a car hit him; however, this was not a true story. His problem was congenial and he needed a lot of love and attention. When Ferris, got his first wheelchair, he was a new dog once again running around the house like any other puppy.

Although his mom initially hoped to get him adopted, she finally decided to keep him after three families returned him back to the shelter. Ferries were meant to be with his mom. He seems to completely enjoy his new life in his forever home, siblings and lots of outdoor trips.

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