Dogs need comfort too. They need beds that are just right for their needs else they can be fuzzy. Choosing the right bed for your dog can be harder than anticipated. You may say ‘It’s just a bed, how hard can it be’. Well, it could be really hard sometimes. You could purchase a dog bed and have to return it because your dog can’t sleep comfortably on it. You could get one that’s too hard or too soft which won’t last long because your dog cannot handle such textures. Ultimately, one thing you should remember when shopping for a dog bed is that, it’s really not about your needs, it’s about your dog’s. With that said, here are some dog beds which we’re sure you and your dog will absolutely love.

Assuming you’ve considered the size of the dog bed you’ll need based on the size of your dog, we can forge ahead.


Dog bolster




This dog bed is perfect for all sizes of dogs. Its suede cover is machine washable, making your job as a parent much easier, and it has a memory foam, making your dog sleep in comfort. This memory foam is designed to support the pressure points and joints of your dog. This dog bed is also water resistant.


Orthopedic dog bed


This dog bed looks like a sofa and it is equally orthopedic. Which means it is very good for your dog as it aligns your dog’s spine. This bed has machine washable covers and is going to make your dog look forward to laying on it. This particular bed is available in multiple sizes for different sized dogs.


Deluxe dog pillow


This dog pillow could pass as a bed for parents that want something more subtle. Its filling is gotten from recycled bottles and high loft, making it soft enough for your dog but at the same time, sturdy enough for trampling. This bed can be refilled if needed and its plaid cover is machine washable. Allow your dog to nest in this bed.

Patrice dog bed


This oval shaped dog bed is super comfy and cozy giving your dog a guaranteed good night’s rest. Its cover is washable and it is available in different colors. This dog bed is sturdy, soft and although it is not chew resistant, it is still durable. This dog bed wasn’t treated with additional chemicals and it is safe for your four legged friends.

Allow your dog bask in the serenity and comfort of these dog beds. They are easy on your pocket and your dog will love them too.


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