Dogs serve a lot of purposes during the course of their lives. They are our companions, our protectors, our favorite buddies and our source of joy. Overtime our dogs tend to age and along with this, start incurring some pains and ailments associated with this ageing. From arthritis to hip dysplasia, aching to sore muscles, these and many more are usually inevitable for ageing dogs. As a dog parent, you will definitely hate to see your dog in pain, hence you’ll equally need to do your own part to help him out. You can start from getting a dog bed that is more of your dog’s speed.


As they age, their bodies become weaker and more prone to aches, hence they’ll need a dog bed that can align their bones properly when they sleep, to prevent sores and aches. These are orthopedic dog beds and this piece is about the best ones you could possibly get in this market. Here they are.


Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed



Big Barker bed


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This particular dog bed is highly rated by reviewers across the globe. Its memory foam sits high at 7 inches and it provides the much needed support for senior dogs regardless of their size. It is much needed for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and joints problems. The cover for this particular foam is machine washable and the bed itself is known to maintain up to 90% of its original shape and build through the course of 10 years of use. It can work for both big and medium sized dogs as there are three size options, the large, extra-large and giant.

Milliard premium orthopedic memory foam dog bed


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This memory foam bed is a more affordable but still effective option for your dog. It is 4inches thick and it consists of premium memory foam and a standard polyurethane foam. It is certified, durable and ensures the maximum comfort of your senior dogs. The bed cover is smooth, machine washable, and even waterproof. It comes in four sizes from small to extra-large.


BarksBar senior orthopedic dog bed



This particular senior dog bed is orthopedic and made of deep cushioning foam. Its padding is made of cotton and it has a head bolster part. This orthopedic foam is designed to hug your dog in all the right places when he sleeps. It equally contours your dog’s body to make sure it doesn’t lose its sturdy build over time. Its cover is easily removed and machine washable as well. The BarksBar senior orthopedic dog bed comes in medium and large sizes.


These are three of the best dog beds for senior dogs in the market today and they can all be found on Amazon. Help your dog live a better and fuller life with these dog beds


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