Getting your dog to sleep is another hurdle on its own. Most dogs love snuggling up to their owner’s beds. This may not be ideal for you, but it may have worked because you didn’t own a dog bed or a dog mat. The first step of getting your dog out of your bed is providing another one for him to sleep in. Now certain things need to be considered first before making purchases. This includes:


The size of your dog: Dog beds and mats come in different sizes. From small sizes which is usually for smaller breeds like pugs and Chihuahuas to much larger sizes for breeds like Dalmatians or even the Great Dane. Getting the right dog bed/mat will help your dog feel comfortable in it enough to fall asleep.


Its texture: Some dogs like soft beds and mats while others like more sturdy builds. It is important to know what your dog is comfortable with before making purchases. This will help you save lots of money.


Now, with these things in mind we can now visualize the different types of dog beds and mats with their different sizes.


Frisco fleece pet bed/mat


bed 01


This dog crate has a two in one function. It can act as both a bed and a mat. At 42”, this dog bed/mat gives your dog ample space to sleep, stretch and even chase his own tail. Your dog can rest in style.

Machine washable dog mat


bed 1 1


This dog mat is soft, padded and made of suede. It is designed to last for long periods of time irrespective of the temperament of your dog. At 42 inches, maintenance is really easy as well.

Cozy bed


bed 2 1


Allow your dog have a great time with this cozy little dog bed. This bed is for small to medium breeds and not for really large dogs. This 22 by 18 inch bed is machine washable as well and encourages nesting in dogs. Let your dog bask in the coziness which this dog brings.

Elevated dog bed


bed 3 1

This is a different approach for dog owners. It is elevated but still as comfortable. Its design is very sturdy and its build is strong. This bed can accommodate large breeds of dogs really well.

This is just a range of the dog beds/mats currently in the market. They are very comfortable and equally affordable and your dog is sure to love them.


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