A sweet and really wise Anatolian Shepherd became the guardian of his home which was consumed during California fires. This precious dog sat and watched his ruined home for about a month, until his family members returned.

If you needed any proof of how brave dogs can be, well, now you have more than enough! This dog guarding his home will melt your heart out😍😍

Rescuers spotted him early on and left food and water for him, but he kept his distance from them and didn’t let them come close. The Homeowner, Andrea Gaylord was finally allowed to return to her home and she couldn’t hide her gratitude for her dog. She was so afraid he had gotten lost and was extremely relieved to find him there, waiting.

Happy Dog Video ➡️ This Rescue Dog 🐶 is sure to bring tears to Your Eyes😪

It was quite a surprise for the owner as she never expected him to still be there.

This dog is definitely an emotional little angel with a lot of feelings and he couldn’t bear to leave the house without his owner even after it was burned down!

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