DOG Attacks Woman, Injuries Caused Death!!! 😢

DOG Attacks Woman, Injuries Caused Death!!!

A dog can attack as much as it can show affection. Meaning, it can do great things when it is motivated to do so.

– A woman in Huntingtown, Maryland was attacked by a dog.
– 28-year-old Jenna Rae Sutphin acquired serious injuries during the said attack.
– After a few days in the hospital, Jenna Rae Sutphin was pronounced dead due to her injuries.

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One early Thursday morning, the Maryland police department received an emergency call to help rescue a woman who was being attacked by a dog in Huntingtown. The 28-year-old victim got first response from a state trooper, but when the rescue arrived, the victim already acquired serious injuries.

The state trooper, seeing the attacking dog was completely out of control, decided to aim and shoot before further damage can be done. The dog was wounded, but the woman received so many injuries and the blood loss made it difficult for her to recover when admitted to the hospital for intensive care.

After just a few days, Jenna Rae Sutphin was declared dead.

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