The What And The 😮 Why Behind This DOG ATTACK!!!

Dogs are naturally protective, and they are usually no prone to human attacks unless there’s a valid reason for it.

– A dog attack sends one man to the hospital due to serious injuries.
– The incident happened is Newburg, Maryland on June 14.
– 911 Emergency respondents were quick to respond to the distress call.

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We love dogs, but as they say, it’s all fun and games until one gets bitten. This is true in most cases. However, dogs don’t generally bite, unless given a valid reason or unless the dog has some mental condition that impedes its discipline and judgment.

One dog in Newburg, Maryland just bit a man and sends the said man to the hospital due to serious injuries acquired in his hands. The incident happened on June 14 and it wasn’t a pleasing news at all.

The Emergency 911 respondents were quick to heed the call and were able to transport the man to the hospital immediately to avoid creating more damages.

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