🐕This Dog Was At The Brink Of Death… Until…😮

Dogs that are abandoned by their owners are the saddest news, but dogs who are CHAINED and left to starve to death are even worse!

– Elizabeth James, 30 years old, is the owner of Champ the Mastiff mix dog.
– According to James, Champ was a gift from her ex-boyfriend.
– Champ was tied in a chain, and was given absolutely no food or any form of care for THIRTY days!

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A poor helpless Mastiff mix dog was chained to a tree under the summer heat of South Carolina last August. The name of the dog is Champ. The owner, Elizabeth James, is a 30-year-old resident, who said that the dog was her ex-boyfriend’s gift to her.

For thirty long days, Champ was given NO food or water at all! It was a lucky break for the poor dog when the Animal Control Officers finally heard of the situation and instantly took action against James.

One-year-old Champ was rescued and taken for medical attention. As of now, Champ remains an inspiration to all dogs who underwent the same ordeal.

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