Is This The 🤯 PROOF That 🐶 Dogs ARE SMART 💡!

How smart is the species we’ve come to call “man’s best friend”?

-In a way, dogs have some abilities that are similar to that of humans.
-Some research is now being conducted into the brain functions of dogs.
-Studies have also found that dogs can pick up facial cues

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The relation between humans and the dogs is something that has been going on for thousands of years. We love dogs so much that there are now about 80 Million dogs (2 out of every 5 households) as part of households in the US.

Though dogs do not have the ability to talk, they can still communicate in plenty of ways. They are able to express how they feel through their bark, their eyes, or their body movements.

Research facilities in Europe, Australia and the US have been set up specifically to focus on canine research. They noted that dogs understand the significance of using and directing the gaze as a way to communicate, as well as the concept of object permanence.

It is believed though that research still has a long way to go. One thing is certain: both humans and dogs benefit greatly from this long-standing relationship.

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