Can A Dog And A Crab Be Friends? (Video)


The cute Dog / Crab video attracted over 2,060,984 ( 2 Mio ) video views!!


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Micah writes in the video comments:
Haha! The crab is like “BACK, you monstrous quadruped!”


Have you taken your dog to the beach? Most probably, your dog is more excited than you are. It loves to play with balls and run with people.

However, have you seen a dog whose hobby is digging the sand once he is in the beach? Did this dog find its new best friend under the sand?

Watch the video below of Sheila, the dog who loves to dig the sand. Maybe she was hoping to find a friend that is a crab. However, the crab may not like the idea of being Sheila’s best friend.

The crab may wonder how they can be best friends when the dog is bigger and its mouth is wider than her.


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