Dog And Boy With Down Syndrome Make A Wonderful Team!


Dog are great companions but they can become best friends when you need them the most.

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Watch this beautiful story of a special boy with down syndrome and his best friend named Ruff.

According to the boy’s mom, Luke had difficulties speaking, concentrating and controlling anxiety before the dog came into his life.

With Ruff around him, the little boy has learned to be more responsible and affectionate.

Ruff helps him connect, play and be more social. It has also controlled his anxiety to a great extent.

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Luke enjoys playing with his dog after he comes back from school.

His mothers finds it easier to encourage Luke to try new things and eat fruits when Ruff is around.

Even when he goes out, other kids now approach him instead of looking sideways.

Ruff is also extremely loving and supportive of his little human friend.

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Playing with Ruff has tremendously helped Luke’s growth and his mother thinks he is a Godsend gift.

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