🐕Dog ALMOST DIED… But A Miracle Saved Him!❤️

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When a puppy gets sick, kind-hearted people rise up and lend a helping hand to help save a canine’s life.

– Every life is precious, be it human and also a puppy’s!
– Peggy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who had a heart condition.
– Peggy’s condition caused her a near-death-experience.

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When 6-month-old Peggy was seen to have a potentially fatal heart condition, a lot of animal lovers didn’t hesitate to find a way to help her with her needs.

As it turns out, what Peggy needed was an advanced surgical procedure which happens to cost A LOT and her owner just couldn’t shoulder the entire expenses.

So, a desperate fund-raising was started in order to raise enough money to pay for the puppy’s procedure.

Just in time, enough money was raised, and Peggy was given the medical attention she needed.

After her FOUR HOURS of moderately-complicated heart surgery, Peggy is now in the recovery phase.

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