🐕 Is This Dog Abuse? You Decide!

The weather can sometimes be merciless especially during the summer, and more especially when one has furs all over their body.

– It has long been a huge issue for the pet lovers’ society when it comes to leaving pets in cars.
– Owners can be criticized big time when pet lovers see this incidents on the street.
– There have been a lot of confrontations that went around involving this issue.

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There is one sure fire way to stir anger among pet lovers. Try leaving a dog unattended and all locked-up in an empty vehicle in broad daylight. When the sun’s up, and you are off to go do your errands, make sure that you know exactly where to leave your pet in case you plan to bring them along.

NEVER leave them behind your car, not when it’s hot outside and the poor creature is locked inside. Pet lovers can only imagine the torture they are going through, and they will simply not keep quiet about protesting against your decision.

So if you want to avoid the critiques of pet lovers all over your town, be sure NOT to leave any animals unattended inside a parked vehicle.

Keep them hydrated and ventilated.

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