Dog Abandoned For Being Too Nice Finally Has A Loving Home

The video on next page has over 318,883 views!! Charlie is the kind of dog that gets negative impression because of the way he looks.

According to his mom, her neighbor would often come up and say – isn’t he one of those dangerous dogs?

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Charlie also has a brother cat called Darwin and they share a special bond. It’s like they are soul mates. Darwin loves to cozy up with Charlie and spend time grooming him. However, life was not always so kind to Charlie.

He earlier belonged to a 16-year old boy who had him as a status dog. However, he was disappointed because Charlie was too kind-hearted and never did fierce things. As a result, he was left in shelter, alone, shattered and without a family.

When his new mom found him, she instantly fell in love with his cute smile and wagging tail.

Although she lives in the UK where pit bull dogs are banned, she managed to get a DNA test done. It was revealed that he was a Staffie cross Rottweiler.

Although Charlie still got rude remarks from neighbors and strangers due to his looks, his mom didn’t mind.

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