Crippled Dog With Two Legs Helps Mom Cope With Losing Home

2 leg dog

There are times when an animal can be more to you than human beings and this video proves this right.


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When Sarah adopted this two-legged Dachshund from a local shelter, she had no idea what the future held for both of them.


Although the crippled dog named Adeara has just two legs, she has a lot of character added with wit. She moves around in her two legs and even attempts sitting up straight like human beings. She can actually stay in a sitting position forever.


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This little puppy is full of life, fun, and vigor! The adorable personality of Adeara keeps her mom amused as she gets to learn something new every day. On Christmas, Adeara got her new dog wheelchair and she just took off with it.


Sarah lived with her dog and two rats on a trailer that she lovingly called the trailer zoo. When Sarah was holidaying in Washington, she suddenly got a call from friends who told her that she trailer was flooded.


It was a tough phase because the trailer was the first home for Sarah and her pets.


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Despite being homeless for a while, Sarah never lost hope because Adeara was there to cheer her up.


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