Dog That Loves And Waits For Man Next Door

You may have seen several videos about the bond owners share with their dog. This story is different in the fact that the dog here is obsessed with the man next door. She sits alone and waits for him to return home every single day. As soon as she sees his truck pulling up, she runs to greet him with full vigor. The dog’s owner says that she is indifferent to her but has developed a strange relationship with the stranger.

Even after he goes inside the house, the dog sits outside and waits for him to appear again. The owners don’t know what to make out of this but they love her expression of love. The man also reciprocates the love and never fails to cuddle her and bring her gifts. The man is fighting cancer and he has to go to the hospital regularly to get his treatment. Apparently, the dog can sense that he has cancer because they are good at it.

Hence, she knows that the man is in pain and needs help in this tough time. It’s amazing to see her run up to him every time he comes home. The man also makes time for her and likes taking her to the beach. He says this unconditional love has reduced his suffering and made him a happy man.

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