Dog Protecting Her Puppies! Cute Compilation

protective mother

This Happy Dog-Puppy video got already over 5.1M views!!! Dogs and human beings have shared a beautiful bond for ages.


Some dogs are so loyal to their owners that they can do to the extent of sacrificing their lives for them.


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However, when it comes to puppies, dog mommies put their babies before anything else.


Maybe it’s the natural mother instinct that comes into play urging them to take care of their kids.


In this funny video compilation, you can see protective mother dog caring of puppies in a rather funny way.


As the video starts you can see a cute Golden Retriever mom and her puppy. There’s a human trying to interact with the puppy but the mom treats him like a threat.


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She puts her hands over her little puppy to almost cover his tiny face. The more he tries to interact with the baby, she pushes the puppy further down.


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