Dog Helps Her Disabled Human Sister Take First Proud Steps

The little girl in the video is Maya and she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was a baby. Her parents were worried about how she would be able to interact socially. They wanted her to have a real friend and they brought Abby, an acute and furry puppy. Abby was also a special dog because he was born without his right paw. Despite her disability, the dog displayed immense courage and zeal to live life to the fullest.

Maya’s mom knew that she wanted his dog to teach Maya the lesson to never give up trying. According to Maya’s mom, Abby and Maya have always been together since she brought the little puppy home. Abby is always highly protective of her sister and encourages her to walk. Maya is also emotionally attached to Abby and treats her like a human sister. With consistent efforts from everyone, Maya was finally able to take the first steps confidently.

Abby has a big role in this change because she was the motivation for Maya to spend a lot of time outdoors. This little story of inspiration teaches us to never give up. It also shows that when you have love and true friendship with you, no obstacle is big enough to block your way.

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