Dog Grooming Basics

dog grooming

There are many reasons why you need to become a dog-brushing expert. It will not only help your dog’s coat to look super shiny, there are also some health benefits as well. Get started today and your dog will thank you.


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First of all, it’s important to understand the basic reasons for brushing a dog’s hair. They are:

  • Eliminate uncomfortable tangles
  • Get rid of skin problems
  • Prevent parasite infestation
  • Prevent smells
  • Save money at the vet
  • Eliminate loose pet hair around your home



You absolutely must make sure that you brush and check every part of your dog. This includes their ears, eyes, coat, skin, and anal area. You can set regular grooming times to do this.


If you’re new to grooming the process can seem intimidating. Even so, it is easy to do once you know how. There are some things you need to be aware of


before you get started.


First, you need a surface with good traction. Some people like to place a rubber mat down on a firm table.


Then, be sure to train your dog to be still whenever they are in this location. If you have a puppy, or need to train your dog you can do so in short sessions at first. Be sure to make this experience fun for you and your dog, but not to get too boisterous.


How will my Dog stay still and obedient throughout the grooming process – Learn more on next page ➡🐶📺🔥➡


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