See What Puppy Happiness Looks Like Watch The Video Below!

The amazing cute dog rescue video has already over 1.4 M views!!! They say happiness is elusive. However, I feel you can be happy always if you learn to feel happiness in small things around you.

Happy Video ➡️ Want To Smile? Watch This Cute ❤️ Video Of A Mother Dog And Her Pup!

For the rescuers at Hope For Paws, happiness certainly lies in saving the lives of poor homeless and abandoned dogs. In this post, we share with you one of their rescue missions which are special because it involves newborn puppies. Someone informed the team that there was an entire family living under the shipping container. They immediately went to help and bring the dogs to the shelter.

Upon arrival, they discovered that there were newborn healthy puppies who were too scared to come out of their hiding places. It took several hours and a lot of patience to finally gain the trust of the puppies and put them inside the crate.


Now it’s Time for Shelter rescue,  each puppy enjoys veterinary care, a nice warm bath, a tasty dinner, and a good night’s sleep. Next morning they are taken to a foster home to make them ready for adoption. At the end of the video when you watch mama dog play with her puppies, you know happiness has a face. It probably looks like this. this was a successful puppy rescue!  🐶😍

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