Do You Have Bad 🐶 Pet Neighbours ❓


Sooner or later most of us will encounter a bad pet neighbor. Maybe it’s someone with a dog that barks all night.

Maybe it’s someone who doesn’t like dogs or who hassles you about your own dog for some reason.

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But if you have pets you’ll probably have to deal with someone like this sooner or later. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the situation better.

If you have a neighbor who actually mistreats his own pets in some way and there is real cruelty involved, then you will need to contact your local animal control.

However, you need to be very certain of your facts before you contact animal control, especially if you have pets yourself. Keeping and taking care of pets can be somewhat subjective.

We don’t all see eye to eye about how to do things. If you believe that dogs should live indoors and sleep on the bed and your neighbor believes dogs should live outdoors that doesn’t mean he’s treating his dogs cruelly.

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If you are concerned then you should go ahead and contact animal control to look into matters but be aware that your neighbor may hold a grudge.

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