Do Not Buy Dogs From These Fifteen States!!! Find Out Why!

Do Not Buy Dogs From These Fifteen States!!! Find Out Why!

There are fifty states in America, but if you really love dogs, then you have to make sure you stay away from buying dogs when you are in these states.

– Dog breeders, in general, have always been involved in great controversies, because of the bad image some breeders have.
– There are good breeders and bad breeders, we can’t really generalize them all.
– Some states have good laws that monitor and keep the quality of dog breeding within their area.

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The government agency in charge of overseeing animal welfare is the Humane Society of the United States. During their monitoring and check-up of some kennels in different states, they have seen a lot of these places to be horrific in nature.

As much as they could, the government agency tries their best to reach all corners of the nation to ensure high-quality dog breeding places, but unfortunately, some states just do not have the same standards when it comes to local laws.

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